Wednesday, 4 June 2014


My course is finished for another year so it's time to focus on other stuff. The garden would be useful or maybe the state of my kitchen cupboards. But no...  My focus is my writing.

I have a new novel project. It's more or less plotted out and ready to go. I have three months until Year 5 of my course starts. It's a lot of time but only if I use it properly. So I have set myself a challenge.

You know me. I love a challenge. How about this to give you a flavour of how my mind works. I'm currently doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge. It's horrible. My thighs feel like they've been flattened by a steam roller and I'm walking a bit like John Wayne but each day I get to tick off to say that I've done it on my little app and am then enveloped in a cloud of smug self-satisfaction for the rest of the day.

You see! It works. Or it works for me. Let a day go by without ticking that little box and my life is somehow less successful.

So I decided that I needed to do something  similar with my writing. Write every day and record it courtesy of Write Track, a site being developed by a writer that I met online.

Here it is. Lots of little yellow dots to show me and anyone else that sees them that I am keeping my side of the bargain.

And there you have it! How to control Imogen Clark. Give her something that involves ticking something every day and then sit back and watch her tie herself in knots trying to achieve it. Simples!



Bec Evans said...

It's fascinating finding out how other writers keep to their side of the bargain. Here's to more ticks and yellow dots!

Imogen said...

Hi Bec
I'm finding that it's not so much the satisfaction of seeing the dots but more the fear of failure if I don't keep up with my self imposed regime.
It's hard to con yourself when the dots are twinkling at you!

Bec Evans said...

So you prefer the stick to the carrot for motivation then!

Imogen said...

I think I must..... so long as it's only me that does the beating!